Management & Leadership Part 2

Additional Learning Resources & Post-test Evaluation Quiz

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Legal Accounts Technical & Practical Support

We understand that when you need help, you need it as soon as possible. In addition to being able to speak to us on the phone, via email or video call, you can also speak to us via our ‘LiveChat Support’ chat widget.


Certain parts of the website allow you to bookmark pages, blogs, compliance tools, practice notes and more. The My-Compli page displays yours and other popular bookmarks. Clicking on any of the bookmarks will take you directly to that webpage.

There is also a sidebar on your My-Compli page with useful shortcuts and information such as recent Compli-Q articles, Compliance-Forum posts and Blogs.

Legal Accounts Knowledge Legal Accounts Practice Notes Legal Accounts Publications Legal Accounts Guides

We’ve worked in practice. We’ve sat your side of the desk. We know how difficult it can be to find clear, concise and correct compliance guidance which is why we created the Compliance Hub. This will give access to practice notes and guides. One central place with everything you need. No more website hopping.


Think of a search engine just for legal finance compliance. It’s a knowledge base of frequently asked compliance questions with answers directing you to case law, practice notes, on demand videos, training workshops, external links/resources, compliance quizzes and more.


A selection of standard, prebuilt compliance tools and calculators such as ‘Disbursement or Recharge’, ‘Breach Severity Calculator’, Place of Supply’, ‘Debtor Days’, ‘Lock Up’ and more.

Precedents / Templatesa

Why reinvent the wheel? Gain access to standard templates and precedents that you can use and customise. We can also review your existing templates.

Legal Accounts Training SRA Accounts Rules Training Legal VAT Training Darren Whelan COFA HOFA Training Legal Cashier Training ILFM Training MBL Training Legal Cash Flow Training Cash Flow Training
Live Training

Whether it’s online or face-to-face, we have you covered. All training is specifically designed for and anyone working in legal finance and compliance. Our trainers and technical writers have a long history in providing technical training and all workshops are delivered live, interactive and for online, are recorded. For  clients, courses are discounted.

Legal Accounts Training On Demand
On Demand Training

As an Org Plus plan client, you have unlimited access to the On Demand training library of pre-recorded training videos. You can watch these as many times as you like at your own leisure. For all other plans or non-retainer clients, access can be purchased separately.

Legal Accounts Training

Access to our powerful Learning Management System with features designed to make online learning courses simple and easy with the ability to track your progress. e-Learning allows you to learn at your own progressive pace using practical examples with exercises to test what you have learnt.

Legal Accounts Webinars
Access to Third Party Webinars

Access to Third Party Webinars. If it’s free and useful, we’ll embed it on our site (if we have permission) or point you to it.

Legal Ledger Bulletin
Legal Ledger Bulletin

Our regular e-newsletter packed with useful articles, blogs and tips.

Legal Accounts Support
Legal Compliance & Accounts Forum

Our Social Support Team. Whether you need a chat, to discuss a compliance issue or just want to listen to others and let your hair down, then join us. It’s good to talk. More…

Always Remember: People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.