Christina Jones

Christina started out working with local government offices helping them to make the best out of the newly introduced (and very basic) database they had been given, she had to learn the system and train the various offices on how to use it. This soon expanded to providing primary schools and their children training on computers and the internet (this was when it first came out, so don’t mention to her how old the internet is)

From here, Christina moved into the legal sector, first training the firm’s users on all aspects of Microsoft Office and Outlook, then moving into the scoping and development of their case management system.

Several law firms and a debt management companies later, Christina joined Peppermint Technology to assist them with the delivery of their PMS.

After spending several years with Peppermint, she decided to return to her own business, Persuus Solutions Ltd. and continue to help Law Firms achieve the best out of the technology available to them.

Christina has experience in many aspects of implementation of case management systems within law firms, from generic data collation to specific departmental requirements and areas such as risk and compliance.

Alone you can do so little; together we can do so much