From someone who’d never worked in a finance team before, he taught me everything I know. Not only is Darren exceptionally knowledgeable with regard to legal finance compliance, he was instrumental in helping us set up the back office of our business. He’s helped us through various finance implementations and migrations over the years and there isn’t any problem that Darren can’t resolve/answer.

Diane Topple
Finance Manager
Austin Moore LLP

Your courses have been some of the best I’ve attended.

Angela Taylor
Finance Manager
Robinson Murphy Solicitors

Thank you for this. Your website is so useful! Your prompt responses are so appreciated. A great support network.

Claire McDaid
Accounts Manager
Brown Rudnick

Thank you so much for yesterday. Really informative and I love the way you do your course in such a relaxed way.

Nina Bolt
Accounts Manager
Alsters Kelley Solicitors

Just a quick thank you for the live webinar yesterday. We were all very impressed by Darren Whelan’s extensive knowledge of the compliance and accounts rules.
The talk was very well delivered and useful to me and my apprentices.

Alan Curtis
Solicitor & Director
Alan Curtis Solicitors Limited

I’ve been in this industry over 23 years and seen many changes over the years to the rules, legislation and the role of a cashier. We all need support to understand and implement these changes. ALCA, and in particular Darren, has been like a breath of fresh air to our industry, from providing instant support by talking through issues and helping us to make an informed decision, online material and calculators to training courses, and biweekly Friday afternoon group chats. This week I learned that as a member I could also add my team to ALCA as users which is a great feature. Darren continues to listen to cashiers working on the ‘coal face’ , keeps up to date with the latest regulatory and legislative changes and acts accordingly providing support in the best way he can. Well done ALCA.

Karen Jameson
Finance Manager
Raworths Solicitors

Where to start?

I contacted Darren and the Association of Legal Compliance & Accounts as we required a full refresher on all aspects of legal compliance and accounts for both experienced and new legal cashiers. I have known Darren as a trainer for many years and whilst we know his knowledge is fantastic, you also have to appreciate the way training is presented and delivered.

Not only did Darren plan and deliver a 5 week training course to our requirements, but he also provided the training onsite (no zoom, skype, teams). Darren kept the room engaged at all times and was not thrown off course by any questions anyone had and was more than happy to answer these on the fly without hesitation.

Next year we will be booking Darren early for more training, so we are not disappointed and find he is fully booked!

Robert Stephenson
Numero Accounts Ltd

Association of Legal Compliance & Accounts provides absolutely fantastic live support. More than often I have used different options provided at really odd times (late night, you remember something that you want a solution or answer) that includes the live support past 10 pm too. So spot on Association of Legal Compliance & Accounts. Care, passion sincerity, integrity and honesty all gets ✅️

Thank you

Just plain simple gratitude.

Bharti Patel
Head Legal Cashier

I first “met” Darren when I signed up for some accounts courses. I gained so much from them as he is an excellent tutor, explaining complex topics in a simple but not patronising way.
I feel I got to know him during the pandemic when he was there for us – accounts staff, practice managers and anyone else interested in all things accounting – supporting, encouraging and just being there, giving us a safe space in which to air, express and ask. I gained knowledge enabling me to improve processes, reassurance that we were doing things correctly and confidence to switch on my camera in an online meeting! I also gained a friend.

With the confidence I gained from Darren, I leapt into the unknown and am now in a new environment, leaning heavily on all I have learnt from him. VAT? Yes, I now understand the basics plus a bit more. Cashflow? Important I know and I now have the means to help me control it. However, if I stumble, I know I have a very knowledgeable friend to whom I can turn, “I’m always here if you need any help. Just shout and I’m on it.”

Melanie Ward
Gen H Legal

Darren has been the most helpful of contacts to me in the legal accounting profession throughout the last decade. He understands and applies the SRA Accounts Rules to as high a standard as anyone I’ve ever come across, whilst his knowledge of VAT is especially extraordinary. What stands him apart, though, is his ability to communicate that wealth of information in such an engaging manner – bringing to life these (often rather mundane) topics with charisma and humour. During the difficulty of lockdowns his online presence was precious to many fellow professionals.

James Chesney
Accounts Manager
Branch Austin McCormick LLP

Darren is a fountain of knowledge. He cuts through the jargon and gives practical, clear and succinct advice. I know that whatever the question, he will respond quickly and professionally, highly recommended!

Rachael Briggs
Solicitor & Director
Landsmiths Legal LLP

I have been using Darren Whelan for all my VAT and SRA Accounts Rules questions for many years and what he doesn’t know on these subjects isn’t worth knowing.

Commonly referred to as our ‘VAT oracle’ at HQ, he responds in a professional and timely manner to a wide range of questions and queries and I can’t recommend his services highly enough.

Sharon Greenwood-Mercer
Head of Accounts
Gherson LLP

Thank you. This has been very interesting and informative.

Angie Doyle
Finance Manager
Clarke & Son Solicitors

Just watched your webinar on an introduction to VAT – which I thought was very good and will be using the video as a training tool for our accounts department.

Chris Johnson
Accounts Compliance Manager
Lyons Davidson Limited

Shout out to Darren Whelan at the Association of Legal Compliance & Accounts for the “place of supply calculator”. It is so much easier to use and understand than the Government website!

Ashley Burrow
Practice Manager & Partner
Meadows Ryan Solicitors

“We find the website, the training and the Friday compliance sessions invaluable with helping us be more confident and compliant on things, so thank you.”

Karen Dale
Accounts Manager
Horsey Lightly Solicitors