Liz Simon

Liz Simon is a skilled senior finance manager with significant experience in legal finance compliance. She has gained substantial management and operational experience over the years, with an in-depth knowledge of financial regulations governing the legal profession. She is well-versed in change management and has a track record of creating in-house finance departments for start-up and high growth firms.

Liz started her legal career working as Practice Manager and Head of Accounts for an international firm in London, where she also gained experience running private offices for ultra-high net worth clients across the UK, France and Germany. Over the years, Liz has specialised in the creation of finance departments in new firms, advising on their structure, policies and procedures, having particular regard for compliance with the SRA Accounts Rules. Passionate about training and development, Liz regularly writes and delivers in-house training courses for the firms she works with.


  • Accounts Rules
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Value Added Tax
  • Legal and Financial Practice Management
  • Accounts and Bookkeeping
  • Change and Project Management
  • PMS Implementation

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