On Demand Workshop – COFA Compliance Masterclass

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COFA Compliance Masterclass

Speaker: Darren Whelan

Length: 2.5 Hours

Published November 26, 2022

Last Updated on May 1, 2023

Who is this training for?

This on demand workshop is for Solicitors, Lawyers, Accountants, Compliance Officers, COFA’s, Legal Accounts Professionals and anyone that has any involvement in working in legal finance and compliance.

Purpose of this training?

Since January 2013, the Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA) has had significant responsibility for ensuring firm’s meet their regulatory obligations and compliance with the SRA Accounts Rules and that any breaches of the SRA Accounts Rules are documented and reported back to the SRA. In addition to the COFA’s role in relation to the SRA Accounts Rules, the COFA has a duty under the SRA Code of Conduct for Firms to report to the SRA when the practice is in serious financial difficulties. The role of the COFA comes with personal liability.

This on demand workshop will cover the regulatory obligations of the firm, individuals within the firm and the key role of the COFA.


  • The background and role of the COFA
  • The SRA Standards and Regulations
  • COFA responsibilities, record keeping and reporting concerns
  • Codes of Conduct – for firms and individuals
  • Business Management – Compliance and Business systems
  • Assessing risk
  • SRA Accounts Rules
  • Cooperation and accountability
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Practice notes and training sessions represent the Association of Legal Compliance & Accounts’ view of good practice in a particular area. They are not intended to be the only standard of good practice that firms can follow.

Practice notes and training sessions are not legal advice, and do not necessarily provide a defence to complaints of misconduct or poor service. While we have taken care to ensure that they are accurate, up to date and useful, we will not accept any legal liability in relation to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why On Demand

It’s really simple:

  • Reduced cost
  • Can be watched anywhere, anytime on any device – no travel time or cost
  • Shorter and more efficient than face-to-face
  • Recorded and can be replayed at your leisure

Online – the Cons

On Demand is not for everyone one. People learn differently and watching a pre-recorded training video can feel very lonely and isolated. It requires strong, self-motivation and time management skills. There is no opportunity to ask a question and receive an answer straight away as you would with an online or a face-to-face workshop.

You can pose your question HERE or pose the question via the LiveChat widget.

No. In order to watch them, you must watch them whilst logged into the website.

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