VAT for Law Firms


VAT for Law Firms

Published by: Association of Legal Compliance & Accounts
Author: Darren Whelan
ISBN 13: 978-1-3999-6241-4

VAT is a complex and everchanging tax. To some it is a fascinating subject, to others it’s a minefield. This compliance handbook aims to assist lawyers, their staff and accountants identify their obligations under the UK VAT regulations. It will provide practical advice on the areas that cause the most issues and confusion and the areas that HMRC specifically target during VAT inspections. It will explore the VAT Act 1994, Notice 700 and recent case law decisions and the implications of those decisions to law firms.  

I dedicate this compliance handbook to all those working in legal practice, specifically those working in legal compliance and accounts.

Darren Whelan
August 2023

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VAT for law firms